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If you own an older home it is likely that you have steam heat that is supplied through cast iron radiators. While vintage radiators may be restored to look nice, old units are often large and unsightly. Whether the paint is peeling off or there are rusty pipes, they are just plain ugly. Replacing radiators or changing the heating system in your house can be very expensive. Why not cover your existing radiators with quality creations from Craftsman Radiator Covers of Minneapolis, MN?

With Craftsman Radiator Covers you get the best options to

match the décor of your home. From simple and classic, to

elaborate and unique, I have the designs that are sure to suit

your particular style.

Give me a call today and let me help you beautify your home.

Craftsman Radiator Covers
Minneapolis, MN

Phone: (612) 716 0545

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(612) 716 0545               MOST COVERS AVERAGE $300-$400 EACH

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